Beware the Friendly Stranger (agentoneal) wrote in i_gamefaqs,
Beware the Friendly Stranger


GameFAQs is overrun with them!

Here's a post from our good friend PelvicThruster

OMG not fair!!! My mom is basically buying my lil bro A PSP but NOT ME

OK my parents have this "reward system" for good behavior for me & my bro (I'm 4 years older than him). Basically, every time my parents catch me or my bro doing something good & positive (cleaning up a mess, take the dog for a walk, water the plants, sharing the TV or systems, ect. etc.) we get a Positive Coupon. They come in values of 5, 10, or 20.

We exchange them for things like... hmmm, for example our dad buying us ice cream & a movie is 40 Positive Points. I can take the car out for a spin for 75 Points, or stay out past 8 PM with friends, for 100 Points. Things like that.

WELL anyways today I awaken to see my mom calling Best Buy about PSPs. I ask her why, and she just pops the news to me: "Oh well I'm letting your brother exchange his Positive Points for that new Sony system. He saved up 200 Points!"

I nearly fainted with jealousy, I coudnt beleve it so I begged for her to let me get 200 points and also get a PSP, but noooo I guess she likes being an unfair *****. I even asked my dad but he said I'm going againts her.

GRRRR I feel like stealing my brother's PSP. Now I gotta hunt one don
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